For perspective, some members of Gen X are old

Marketing To Gen Z And Gen X


Gen X and Gen Z are separated in age by as few as 14 years or as much as 50 years at the opposite ends of the generational timeline. Gen X refers to people born between 1965 1979 (age 41 55), while Gen Z represents those born between 1995 2015 (age 5 21). Tucked between these two are members of Gen Y (otherwise known as born between 1980 1994. For perspective, some members of Gen X are old enough to be parents to most Gen Z ers, and some are old enough to be grandparents to Gen Z ers. These two demographics are far enough apart in their cultural experiences that they respond quite differently to different types of marketing.

Gen X has become largely familiar with the technology of the past several decades, and while they frequently shop online, they also don mind going into the stores. Gen Z, the mobile generation, interacts more with their mobile devices than other generations, including doing their shopping there. If they go into a brick and mortar store, they more likely to look up product reviews on their phones before selecting a product. (Gen X occupies about 20 percent of the pie, Millennials close to 25 percent.) While not all Gen Z ers are consumers yet, their buying power is increasing daily, and within a few years, they will represent the lion share of consumers. Wise marketers won write off this bloc as but will instead continue to monitor them as their shopping habits evolve.

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